Learn how to create beautiful natural Afro hairstyles with confidence

Our monthly subscription gives you both the knowledge and confidence to style Afro hair. Are you already an afro enthusiast? Take your styling game to the next level with our easy to follow step by step tutorials.

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Each Month you can get Exclusive access to...

New And Exciting Tutorials

Our afro enthusiasts private Facebook community

Live demonstrations

Downloadable content

Guest slots from industry experts

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Ms Chloe



For our first month, we will ease you into the Academy gently by sharing our expertise on type 4c hair. Get to grips with the basics of this hair type and learn how to create a fabulous low bridal bun, at the same time.

Our members can gain practical knowledge
from our classes and can download the useful factsheets so you can print and practice creating this classic style again and again.

Ms Jessica



New month, new style so for the month of February, it’s all about braids. Perfect for protective styles but also the epitome of protective hairstyling. Learn how to master the art of the ‘knotless braid’.

Once you have grasped the basics, you will be able to create everyday looks, as well as styles for those special occasions

Ms Abigail



It all about the curls this Month, so lets get all curly wurly about Type 3C hair. Get defined, frizz-free curls and ensure that you are using the correct products because we all know… preparation is key.

We will show you all this and more,
culminating in a ’how to’ for a beautiful bridal style so you can give your client a halo of curls on her big day.

Aina.M Academy

Hi guys, I’m Aina and the founder of Aina M. Academy.
Created out of my love for afro hair, let me tell you a bit about my own
personal hair journey.
Most of my life, I have relaxed my hair, choosing to keep it simple when it came to styling. that was until I had a daughter and seeing her little curls,
took me on a new journey of hair discovery.
I decided to arm myself with as much knowledge as 
possible and now I use that in my day to day job, as a hair stylist and makeup artist.
I love sharing my knowledge and experience with others to help them on their own journey. I truly believe that anyone who is passionate
enough about afro hair, can learn the skills necessary to make it look, effortlessly beautiful.
My experience highlighted that there is a wealth of knowledge out there, which can sometimes be overwhelming. So here at Aina M. Academy, we strive to make styling afro hair not only accessible but easy to understand and put into practice. 
We believe that the more stylists who are equipped with afro hair styling skills, the better for those customers who want to wear their natural hair with confidence. This in turn will empower the clients and provide them with a choice of skilled hairstylist’s which will include yourself ;-).


Curiosity will conquer fear even more than bravery wiill do

Before creating the Academy, I have been a  bridal hair and Makeup artist for over 6 years. 
I create natural hairstyles for my “natural haired” brides, giving them confidence and making them feel even more beautiful, rocking their natural hair. 

Unfortunately, most schools and colleges do not teach afro hair styling, as a standard.  To learn how to style afro hair, you will need to research an institution which includes it as a module, and they are few and far between. For this reason, the academy was created and is here to help.

I look forward to the day when it will be mandatory for all hairstyling schools to teach afro hair.  

However, this will not happen overnight but you as a hairstylist attending the academy can start immersing yourself into the world of Afro hair. Even just having a basic understanding of the versatility of Afro hair, can benefit you and make a huge difference within the wedding industry.
After all, Knowledge is power!!


Stay patient and trust the journey


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